Pierre-Jean Couarraze, artiste peintre / contact@couarraze.com

Pierre-Jean Couarraze was born in Pau in 1944. Originally from the Pyrenees, he spent his childhood in Paris and got his first artistic experience between Montparnasse, l’Académie de la Grande Chaumière and the belgian painter J. Ernotte studio.

After college, PJ Couarraze studied for a year at Met de Penninghen and l’Académie Julian. He also graduated in Fine Arts.

His first personnal exhibition took place in Lille at Delerive gallery in 1975. Followed by several exhibitions in France and abroad.

His strong appetite for travelling, archeology, litterature and poetry, lead him to discover many countries and civilisations (Greece, Italy, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, India, South East Asia, etc.) His many travels and extensive research have inspired his work all along.

Today, PJ Couarraze lives and works in Paris and in Provence.

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Personal exhibitions

1980 Galerie Simon (Paris), Galerie St Michel (Grand Duché de Luxembourg)

1984 Mairie des Lilas (Les Lilas 93)

1988 Galerie Art Diffusion (Düsseldorf, Allemagne), Galerie Impressions 21 (Paris)

1989 Galerie Bouscayrol (Pau), Galerie Anne Sorel (Enghien), Galerie Terre des Arts (Cannes)

1990 Art expo (New York, USA), Axis Gallery (San Francisco,USA)

1991 Galerie Impressions 21 (Paris), T.I.A.S. (Tokyo, Japon)

1992 Galerie Art Expo (Paris), Mairie de Pau (Pau), Galerie terre des Arts (Paris),

1993 Galerie Impressions 21 (Paris), Galerie JPF (Montpellier)

1994 Musée archéologique d’Argentomagus (Argenton/ Creuse)

1995 Galerie Catherine Guérard (Paris), Galerie Archange (Paris), Galerie de Lunteren (Hollande)

1996 Galerie Claudine Legrand (Paris), Galerie Mouvances (Paris), Contrast gallery (Bruxelles)

1997 Galerie Catherine Guérard (Paris), Galerie Archange (Paris), Galerie de Lunteren (Hollande)

1998 Galerie Archange (Paris), Lineart (Gand, Belgique), Contrast Gallery (Bruxelles, Belgique), Galerie Got (Barbizon)

1999 Galerie Got- Castiglione - Paris, Galerie Archange - Paris

2000 Galerie Argo (Knokke le Zoute, Belgique), Palm Springs I.A.F. (USA), Galerie Got (Barbizon)

2001 Art Expo (New York, USA), Galerie Got (Paris), Galerie Archange (Paris), Shimôse Fine Art Ginza (Tokyo, Japon)

2002 Galerie Matsuzakaya (Nagoya, Japon), Galerie Got (Paris)

2003 Galerie Argo (Knokke le Zoute, Belgique), Galerie Archange (Paris), Art Expo, Galerie Got (New York), Palm Beach Art Fair (Miami)

2004 Shimôse Fine Art (Tokyo, Japon), Galerie Got (Paris), Galerie Argo (Knokke le Zoute, Belgique)

2007 Galerie Got (Paris)

2010 Galerie Got (Paris)

2012 Galerie Archange (Paris), Galerie Got (Paris)

2014 Invité d'honneur au Salon des Artistes du 5ème arrondissement (Paris) - 21 place du Panthéon - du 4 au 15 mars 2014